In the late nineties Donna and I made many trekking excursions into the Himalayas. It was the final act to a combined two years in India and Nepal. We started in the eastern Himalayas in Darjeeling and the Gurkha lands as well as Kalimpong and Sikkim, which lies between Bhutan and Tibet.  We had some great views of Everest and Kachenjunga.

Later we moved on to Kathmandu in Nepal painting everyday from the roof of the cheap hotel we were living in. Eventually we moved west to trek the Annapurna circuit.

The highlight of this period was in the western Himalayas and a twenty one day unsupported trek from Leh the capital of  Ladakh in the far north east of Jammu and Kashmir province, across Zanskar and into the Kulu Valley. The first five days of this trek we crossed eight passes each over 5500m (over 18,000 ft.). The landscape was dotted with very remote Bhuddist monestaries as well as relocated communities of Tibetans.

These paintings were all created during this period and you can see the influence of Tibetan textiles upon the work. The forms are emblematic of fragments of  treks we undertook during this period.