the unseen exists and has qualities


2011 Granada Millennium Biennale of  Contemporary Art and Heritage (Bienal del Milenio, Arte Contemporáneo y Patrimonio…

Title: The Unseen Exists and has Qualities / Lo Que No Se Ve Existe y Tiene Qualidades

Artist:  Simon Beckmann  and Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar Romero

Proposal description: 

The Unseen Exists and has Qualities is a universal symbol. It represents shelter, food, energy, commerce, world trade and economics. It refers to waste, world hunger and concerns mismanagement of the natural environment.

The works construction references the Mudéjar architecture and design of Granada and Andalucía. A time of culture, tolerance and inventiveness. The work starts and evolves and returns to the earth over a short passage of time. It involves excavation, ‘rammed earth’ construction, pottery, pit kilns and erosion.

The process summons earth, water, smoke, ash, fire and rivers, manifestations which have throughout history an association with something otherworldly. They each represent ‘transition’ from one state to the next.

However, the whole installation is a protracted performance that provokes human nature to attribute meaning to these transitional elements. However we are saying ‘do not interpret phenomena as allegory’. The work highlights that in reality each persons sense of meaning is ‘absurd’ as the works interpretation in human terms is meaningless and should be viewed as a rational understanding of ecology systems.

We believe above other things creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value through the interaction of different disciplines and different ways of doing things. Joya: arte + ecología is designed to do just this. Our exploration is to build a new notion of human ecology, one in which we seek to re-establish our conception of the richness of human capacity in the face of the challenges we face with the future environment.

Simon Beckmann   Joya: arte + ecología